Having successfully completed countless projects for the most demanding clients in the heart of NYC, ATEC offers expertise, capability and efficiency to every client. As a General Contractor (GC) we are specialized in preserving and restoring historic brownstone buildings in neighborhoods of NYC area. Other specialties include but are not limited to Masonry, Brick work, deck, roofing, skylight,concrete work and interior/ exterior renovations.

Established in 2014, Our company is affiliated with M&M construction NYC which was established in 1989. Since M&M construction has only been involved in commercial development with SCA, we have created a Sister company name Alpha Tech Eng. Construction (ATEC INC) to serve NYC residential clients. We love our work and it's our pleasure to leave a smile on our clients' faces.

The owner of the company, Mr. Islam received his MS in Information Technology Engineering from Colorado Technical University. He also attended Brooklyn College, New York Institute of Technology and New York City Technical College for other educational degree benefit and for research on Robotics arm and Philosophy of technology.

Since Mr. Islam was involved with family construction he generated a new company name ATEC INC. ATEC name came from Alpha Tech Eng Contruction, was establised in 2014. Since Mr. Islam is an engineer for last 15 years, and has been working in the field since 2004 in various filed work including construction.